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45 second animation movie with a song that conveys both action and the message.
The scene is a snowy house with a mailbox by the hedge and 2 bins in the carport. The homeowner is shoveling snow and as the snow is removed, the animated house will house show a happy face.

The soundtrack to the animated film is a song:
And what do we do now with all that snow
It's pretty hard for folks to get around - off course I know
A problem for the Postman and for the ambulance
And those who handle garbage - they slip – don’t have a chance
But you can get some help and good advice on snow – I say
Just turn on your computer and tap ShovelSnow DK

When the driveway is cleared of snow appears a sign: "Now I just need to grit the driveway"
We see a sanitation worker walking in snow up to his waist
There is a sign: "If you clear the snow, I clear the garbage"
Then there is a situation where the sanitation worker tumble with the dumpster, because there is not cleared of snow. Subsequently we see a situation where the driveway is cleared for snow and the sanitation worker can empty the dumpster without the risk of falling due to snow and ice.

The film ends with a reference to the campaign site: and the organisation responsible for the campaign: BAR Transport & engross (Sector Working Environment Council for Transport and Wholesale).

Grupo objetivo:

Private households and caretakers


When is has been snowing, you should clear your pavement and walkways for snow and ice, to provide safe and easy access for Mail Service professionals, Sanitation professionals and Emergency professionals.


Snow and ice is a considerable hazard for Mail Service, Sanitation and Emergency professionals in the snowy season. In Denmark, up to 3.000 accident per year can be related to ice and snow. To prevent accidents, house owners and caretakers need the be aware of their responsibility and cooperate to clear driveways and pavements for snow and ice.

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Descripción de campaña:

Published on campaign web site ( and made available for partner organisations for use on their web sites and use in local campaigns and presentations.

URL de campaña


BAR transport og engros / Sector Working Environment Council for Transport and Wholesale


H. C. Andersens Boulevard 18
1787 Copenhagen V



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Gudrunsvej 24
2920 Charlottenlund



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