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This film/DVD-program ( 8`41``) shows how to work with tyres safely and ergonomically. Film is following one skillful technician when he is lifting, moving and fitting tyres in right way. He is following safety instructions and wearing protective gear and using helpful tools and equipment.

The language of film/DVD-program is English and Finnish.
Memory stick contains also three short interviews with occupational safety and health specialists (in Finnish).

Grupo objetivo:

Supervisors and workers - specially new employees - in tyre business


Safety is today an essential part of everyone`s daily work in the tyre business. The goal must be: zero accident and zero occupational disease.
All workers in tyre service centres should be well instructed on safe and ergonomic rules and working practices.
Workers must be able to recognise risks and always know how to do their jobs safely.


Risks can be reduced by working correctly and carefully right way. No one should take risks, and there must be no compromising on safe working procedures.
In tyre service centres it’s worth looking at safety and ergonomics as widely as possible. This means improving tools, workspaces, workers’ posture and movements and the whole working environment.
Good safety and ergonomic solutions can enhance workers’ safety and well-being, while also making the whole job quicker and easier.
All tyre companies in Finland are using this film/program in their work safety guidance.


Karissa Ltd


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The Centre for Occupational Safety


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